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Go Fish Room Updated

Thu Jun 25, 2009 3:59 pm by Kathy

The Go Fish Room is updated. smile
Take a look at it on Webkinz World.

February 2009 Webkinz!

Tue Dec 23, 2008 6:49 am by Kristen

The Webkinz for February 2009 are the Irish Setter, the Mountain Goat, the Pelican, the Spotted Turtle, and the Blue Whale! The Lil' Kinz is the Pink Glitter Fish! New Kinzstyle clothes will also be released in February!
Webkinz Mania - Home Jgnyau

Winter Fest Dates Released!

Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:14 pm by Kristen

The Winter Fest dates have been released by the Webkinz News:
Webkinz Mania - Home Winter10
As the small article says, the Winter Fest will take place between Jan. 12-18! Winter Fest comes each year to Webkinz. Snowflakes randomly float across your screen. By clicking on it, you will receive a prize. Right now we don't know what prizes there will be, but some of them could be the same as the prizes in the last Winter Fests. Here is a picture of the prizes in past Winter Fests:
Webkinz Mania - Home Wfprizes
(Thanks to WI for the picture)

Surprise Saturday (12/27/08)!

Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:19 pm by Kristen

Charms: Ms. Birdy & Polar Bear
Exclusive online pet: Fire Fawn
Exclusive online items: Grilltop Table & Deep Sea Creature Cove

Super Sunday (12/28/08)!

Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:05 pm by Kristen

It's Super Sunday again! The charms today are the Plumpy and Elephant charms. The online exclusive pet is the Fire Fawn. The online exclusive items are the Alchemist's Stove and Zingoz Tree.

Webkinz Mania - Home P_34_TN_cha057_60Webkinz Mania - Home P_56_TN_cha061_60Webkinz Mania - Home P_86_SM_Fire_Fawn_60Webkinz Mania - Home P_60_TN_wls020_60Webkinz Mania - Home P_50_TN_spl057_60

For the Holidays (December 22nd)!

Tue Dec 23, 2008 7:08 am by Kristen

Online pets today in the eStore are the Fire Fawn and Grey Wolf! Charms available are the Poncho and Wishing Well charms. Online exclusive items are the Jelly Bean Plant Seeds, Exquisite Christmas Tree, Snow Mobile, and Zangoz Statue!
Webkinz Mania - Home Grey_wolfWebkinz Mania - Home Fire_fawnWebkinz Mania - Home Dec_2210Webkinz Mania - Home P_40_TN_pom020_60Webkinz Mania - Home P_9_TN_wls002.60Webkinz Mania - Home Zangoz10

For the Holidays (December 23rd)!

Tue Dec 23, 2008 6:55 am by Kristen

In the eStore today for Holiday shopping are these two exclusive pets: Tinkerpup and the Minty Reindeer! The charms today are the Magic W Charm and Unicorn Charm! The exclusive online items today are the Big Pile of Kinzcash Bed, Exquisite Christmas Tree, Snow Mobile, Museum Dinosaur, High End Kitchen Sink, and Fountain of WOW!

Webkinz Mania - Home P_84_TN_Virtual_Tinkerpup_60Webkinz Mania - Home P_163_TN_Christmas_Reindeer_60Webkinz Mania - Home P_44_TN_cha041_60Webkinz Mania - Home P_53_TN_cha064_60Webkinz Mania - Home P_49_TN_sup018_60Webkinz Mania - Home P_9_TN_wls002.60Webkinz Mania - Home P_10_TN_wls014.60Webkinz Mania - Home P_78_TN_wls027_60Webkinz Mania - Home P_92_TN_wls041_60Webkinz Mania - Home P_161_TN_wls030_60

February 2009 Pet of the Month!

Tue Dec 23, 2008 6:46 am by Kristen

The February 2009 Pet of the Month is the Googles!

Webkinz Mania - Home K48j7k
You can find all other pets of the month in our Pictures section. I will be adding this one to it soon! And remember, this month's potm is the Webkinz Polar Bear!

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