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    Quick Ways To Earn Kinzcash [GUIDE]


    Quick Ways To Earn Kinzcash [GUIDE]

    Post by Guest on Mon Mar 24, 2008 6:28 pm

    Are you really poor on Webkinz World? Do you need kinzcash? Or do you just love watching your kinzcash grow larger and larger? Well here are some tips. No, I didn't make tips for all the letters of the alphabet, feel free to submit more tips.


    Adopting a pet could be a great way to earn kinzcash. Besides, you can never have enough Webkinz!

    You can earn lots of kinzcash playing games! Especially the game of the day!

    Bonus Accounts
    Why not start another account? If you do create another account think of possibilities!
    1. Holidays---you'll get DOUBLE gifts---one from your original account and one from your bonus account.
    2. Bonus Daily Activities---today at 6-7 kinztime you were able to do the Button of Kinzcash, so if you had another account you would have bonus kinzcash!

    And there are many other reasons.

    Big Button of Kinzcash
    You just push the button and instant kinzcash!

    Balloon Darts
    There are a variety of prizes that you can win in balloon darts. You could earn kinzcash by playing it. Or if you don't win kinzcash and win a toy/clothing. Ex. a bunny clown. You could just sell it. Instant kinzcash.

    Care for Your Kinz
    If you don't care for them they'll have to go to Dr. Quack's and buy medicine. Yes, he doesn't sell his medicine for free. Even Dr. Quack needs his kinzcash.

    Charm Forest
    You can always search in the Charm Forest for extra kinzcash and if you receive a charm candy or shirt, you can always sell it.

    Do NOT Buy
    Do NOT buy any item from the W-Shop unless you absolutely need it!

    Employment Office
    Just do one job, you earn KC. It's a piece of cake. You can only do 1 job every 8 hours.

    Every Webkinz Site Holds Contests
    (Almost) Every Webkinz site holds contests. Most are room decorating contests. Even if you already have the item, you could sell it....for kinzcash.

    Food for your Kinz?
    When I said don't buy any thing from the W-Shop did I mean food? Of course not! Your kinz needs food or it'll starve! I would recommend buying almonds or a food item on sale.

    Friends are friends. They could lend you some items (oak paneled pools) to sell for kinzcash.

    Having a garden on Webkinz World can really come in handy. You could feed the farm fresh food to your Webkinz or sell it for kinzcash. Strawberries are said to be the crop that sells for the most kinzcash. It can produce up to four strawberries at a time for 7 kinzcash each.

    Gem Hunt
    You could always sell gems from gem hunt if you already have it.

    Having Multiple Kinz Share A Large Room
    Sorry math-haters, but I have to use an equation to show you what I mean.
    x=the amount of KC "Sally" will have to spend
    Solve this Problem: Sally adopted four Webkinz on Tuesday. She wants to save kinzcash, but she wants all of her Webkinz have a bed to sleep in for their first night in their new home. Which way can she save more kinzcash?

    A) Sally can buy a medium room for each of her four kinz.
    B) Sally can buy a large room for all of her kinz.
    Lets work this out together. Choice A: A medium sized room for each of her kinz.
    Since seven multiplied by four is twenty-eight. Then you just have to add two zeros. Therefore Sally will have to spend 2800 kinzcash on her kinz.
    Choice B: A large room for all of her kinz.
    A large rooms costs only 1000 kc. So Sally will end up saving 1800 kinzcash if she chooses choice B. That's A LOT of kinzcash.

    Is there any way to save kinzcash when you are trading?
    Yup, there is. You can chose the plain paper---which costs absolutely nothing.

    Doing your Daily KinzCare can help you earn KC.
    *To go to the Daily KinzCare click on My Pets and click on the tab that says "KinzCare".

    Multiple Items
    Why not trade those multiple items for kinzcash coins?

    NO Curio Shopping
    Most of the items that Arte sells are really really really highly priced. Try not to shop at the Curio Shop, only if you're desperate for that item, otherwise do not buy it. Besides, you can always trade for that item.

    Quizzy's Corner
    You can always benefit from going to Quizzy's. You can earn kinzcash by answering questions and learn.

    Go on the Newspaper and click on Comments and Suggestions. Then do the survey and you instantly win 50 kinzcash for voicing your opinion. Easy, huh?

    Tournament Arena
    Doing tournaments in the Tournament Arena will give you kinzcash even if you don't win. If you do, you get bonus kinzcash.

    Webkinz Stadium
    Just enter and win. =]

    Wheel of Wow
    Just spin and you can win Kinzcash or a prize.

    Wheel of Yum
    You could sell the prizes for kinzcash.

    Wishing Well
    You have 5 wishes and you click on "Make a Wish" and you win kinzcash---simple as that.

    There's a rumor if you do the Wishing Well 2 later (at night) you earn more kinzcash. I'm not sure if it's true though. I did do the Wishing Well 2 at 11:43 kinztime and received over 100 kinzcash, so it appears to be true. That doesn't mean it is true.

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    Re: Quick Ways To Earn Kinzcash [GUIDE]

    Post by Guest on Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:21 pm

    Thanks 4 that i just got 231 kc on the big button of kinz cash

    Re: Quick Ways To Earn Kinzcash [GUIDE]

    Post by Guest on Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:59 pm

    oceangirl300, that was REALLY helpful! Thanks!

    Re: Quick Ways To Earn Kinzcash [GUIDE]

    Post by Guest on Mon Mar 24, 2008 9:03 pm

    Thanks for the help! =]

    Last edited by Katherine on Tue Mar 25, 2008 9:50 am; edited 1 time in total
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    2,500 Posts

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    Re: Quick Ways To Earn Kinzcash [GUIDE]

    Post by Kristen on Tue Mar 25, 2008 6:38 am

    The curio shopping one s the hardest for me XD
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    2,000 Posts

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    Re: Quick Ways To Earn Kinzcash [GUIDE]

    Post by valentinepuppy on Tue Mar 25, 2008 12:14 pm

    u can also go to news paper and get 50 kincash every week!!!
    2,000 Posts
    2,000 Posts

    Female Number of posts : 2143
    Webkinz ID : pm me for it
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    Registration date : 2008-02-19

    Re: Quick Ways To Earn Kinzcash [GUIDE]

    Post by valentinepuppy on Tue Mar 25, 2008 12:16 pm

    if u need to now how to do it then u go 2 the news paper and click contact us the click commets and suggestions the take the survey one click gets u 50 kinz cash!!

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    Re: Quick Ways To Earn Kinzcash [GUIDE]

    Post by Sponsored content

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