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    You'd never believe it...

    100 Posts
    100 Posts

    Female Number of posts : 294
    Age : 22
    Webkinz ID : dogluver808
    Status :
    Registration date : 2008-05-27

    You'd never believe it...

    Post by dogluver808 on Wed Jan 07, 2009 2:39 pm

    I never want to have a boy webkinz. That's just the way I am.

    Remember this? I you don't, it's from my welcome thread (aka my first post eva here) that I just read like rite now. Back when I first signed up if you told me that by January 2009 I'd have 5 boy webkinz I woulda thought you were crazy, but rite here, rite now, it's TRUE!

    I got Sunshine my Lion Webkinz in July '08 on my annual summer vacation to Michigan. He was my first ever boy and my 30th webkinz. He is the only one of my webkinz without a "W", and I treasure him even more for it.

    Many months later, (in early December '08) I got Blizzard my Polar Bear Webkinz so Sunshine could FINALLY have a brother. Even rite now as I'm posting this he is still wearing the Santa suit I got as an early x-mas present.

    Christmas day brought 5 new friends (all girls, what a shocker) to add to the fam, and later the 6th came, Sport the Bulldog Webkinz, my first ever dog boy.
    When I exchanged x-mas presents w/ my friends, I got Congo the lil' Gorilla Webkinz , but unfortunately I can't find his unused code...

    December 29th, if my memory serves me, was the day my mom suprised me (and it REALLY was a surprise, cuz I had just gotten my new dachschund, Gwen like the day before) with Dylan my lil' Husky Webkinz. He was and still is my only boy lil' kinz, and my only dog lil' kinz.

    Well there. I admit, back then I was so wrong and today if you asked me if I liked having boy webkinz, I would be glad to answer that I'm proud. I currently have 50+ webkinz and counting (and these are not in any order):

    Bulldog Webkinz Sport
    Clydesdale Webkinz Lilly
    lil' Clydesdale Webkinz Claire
    lil' Gold and White Cat W Tangerine
    Gorilla Webkinz Adrianna
    lil' Gorilla Webkinz Congo (I can't find his un-used code, UGH!)
    Yellow Lab Webkinz Sugar
    Yellow Lab Webkinz Becky, my mom's (yes my mom does webkinz now)
    Beagle Webkinz Lucy
    Black Cat Webkinz Sierra
    Black Lab Webkinz Izzy
    Bull Frog Webkinz Erin (she's a GIRL)
    Cheeky Monkey Webkin Georgia Banana
    Chocolate Lab Webkin Brownie
    Cocker Spaniel Webki Ginger (my first)
    Collie Webkinz Lassie
    Black Friesian Webki Kara
    Cow Webkinz Oreo
    Dalmation Webkinz Demi
    German Shepherd Webk Sasha
    Golden Retriever Web Molly
    Gray and White Cat W Shimmer (yes, she's a full size and I spent less than $30 for her w/ unused code)
    Hippo Webkinz Hillary
    lil' Hippo Webkinz Bubbles
    Husky Webkinz Paula
    lil' Husky Webkinz Dylan
    Elephant Webkinz Eloise
    Lion Webkinz Sunshine
    Panda Webkinz May Ling
    Pig Webkinz Rosie
    lil' Pig Webkinz Olivia
    Pink Pony Webkinz Magenta
    Pink Poodle Webkinz Alyssa (now nicknamed "Karl")
    Pinto Webkinz Natalie (still can't find her unused code)
    Polar Bear Webkinz Blizzard
    White Poodle Webkinz Danielle
    Raccoon Webkinz Nicki
    Seal Webkinz Misty
    White Terrier Webkin Theresa
    Yorkie Webkinz Ivonna
    black and white chee Tina
    grey arabian webkinz Brielle
    schnauzer webkinz Kendall
    Whimsy Dragon Fantasia
    Brown Dog Cocoa (still one of my favs!)
    Brown Dog Courtney (my other brown dog and Cocoa's lil sis!)
    Siamese Sophie
    Lioness Liana (was supposed to be Lolah but stupid Ganz wouldn't lemme name her that)
    Rhino Rachel Renae (actually my 2nd Rhino, the 1st had a "used code" so I sent her in an OCC box and she is now with a little girl *I think* in Mexico who will always love her)
    Rottweiler Riley
    American Albino Alba
    Cocoa Dinosaur Razzberry (yes I named her that on purpose I like that spelling)
    Dolphin Aqua
    Persian Cat Webkinz Marie (got her for $6.99!)
    Samoyed: Maggie (named after my obffe, doglover9m)
    Samoyed: Angel (my first samoyed)
    Dachscund: Gwen
    Pink & White Dog: Bubblegum

    There are probably others but I can't think of them off the top of my head...

    Last edited by dogluver808 on Fri Feb 27, 2009 8:14 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : adding webbies to the list =))

    Maggie & Doggie = OBFFE's 4 life!

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    500 Posts
    500 Posts

    Female Number of posts : 537
    Age : 21
    Webkinz ID : doglover9m
    Status :
    Registration date : 2008-05-18

    Re: You'd never believe it...

    Post by doglover9m on Mon Feb 16, 2009 12:23 pm

    I thought I would never get a boy webbie,but my 3rd webbie was a boy!
    100 Posts
    100 Posts

    Female Number of posts : 294
    Age : 22
    Webkinz ID : dogluver808
    Status :
    Registration date : 2008-05-27

    Re: You'd never believe it...

    Post by dogluver808 on Fri Feb 27, 2009 8:09 pm

    Lol Maggie I didn't either! Gunna update the webbie list...

    Maggie & Doggie = OBFFE's 4 life!

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    Re: You'd never believe it...

    Post by Sponsored content

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