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    Then new mod!! Empty Then new mod!!

    Post by Alexis on Thu Nov 06, 2008 8:05 pm

    Dear, Website user's.

    I am a soon to be Mod. I just wanted to introduce myself. I just did not want to just jump in and you not know anything about me. I mean that would just be weird. You know? lol

    Well I have nine webkinz and I wish I had ten. I have a brithday comeing up on Aug, 22. So I hope that I will have the birthday money to buy a new one. I really want a yorkie. But I cant find any place around me that sells them. The Walmart that is near by does not sell them. So I think that I will have to wait till I go to my grandparents.

    I am a girl, and I love to plaly vollyball. I play ever year at school. I am a setter or a hitter. It is so much fun but for some reasone I have always been on the C team. Althought I am alot better then the girls that make the A team. I have noticed that all the popular girls at my school that go out or volly ball always get the A team.

    I am also a gutarist in training. I am looking for lessons. I have had my guitar seence last christmas. I just have not had the time to learn because we just moved. But now that we are all unpacked I am trying to find lessons. I am on the hunt again.

    Also I am in the middle of the Twilight books. I am on New Moon (The 2nd book) They suked me in like a vacume!! I love it If you have questions about the books then ask me, I can tell you anything you want to know.

    I also go to church every Wendsday, with all my friends. It is so much fun. At the end of the year there is a lock in at the church. I have to memorize eight verses. I have two more to go. The means that I have 4 months to memorize them. But I memorize 2 each wendsday.

    Well thanks for everything and Please post your coments.

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